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TJJC Kids Camps!

We run different camps year round! 

Winter, March Break, and Summer Camps, this is your hub to stay in the know. 

Coming up next will be 3 camps in the summer, one of which will be a Skills Camp for competitive hopefuls, one week before the "IBJJF Kids Pans" in Kissimmee, Florida, near Disneyland! If you're considering participating at that event, or any events, this camp will be your best bet. After that, we will have a Girls Who Fight half day camp, for girls self defence and general martial arts introduction! This will be girls only, with curriculum provided by the Girls Who Fight CEO Gemma Sheehan. Lastly, the very next week we'll have a general kids camp, to help boys and girls of all experience levels have fun, learn new skills, and see if they might find enjoyment in training martial arts. With excursions to nearby playgrounds and parks, tons of activities here at the club relating and not relating to martial arts. We can't wait to get started!

Scroll down for more information and to sign up!

If your child is a first time camper with us, please select the camp they'd like to join below!

Kids Skills Camp July 15-19
Girls Who Fight Collab Camp August 12-16
Summer Camp August 19-23
Prices will be going up on April 15th!

*If you're a current member, you will find it in your member portal!*

Your children will become more confident, improve their fitness levels and strength, meet new friends and build skills they can keep forever by starting with our kids camps. Our goal is to show how cool martial arts and grappling sports are, how important they are for growing kids, and introduce positive lifestyle habits to them in a fun new way.

Our camps are designed to make sure your children will have fun all while getting the above benefits, and to build their interest in learning to grapple and improve their self defence over the long term. Although that's our goal, if they never try it again, we know they'll still leave with lots of useful tools and new friends.

If you would like more information, please reach out! The best way to reach us is by email, to

Start Your Trial!

Start Your Trial!

It's our honour to have you and/or your kids try jiujitsu, judo & all of our grappling programs with us, and we do not take it lightly. To best serve you and to make sure you're ready to hop straight into class when you arrive, please fill out the information below as well as our Liability Waiver. See you on the mats!

See you soon!